Louie Setzer and the Appalachian Mountain Boys

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It is what it is

Bluegrass Music has been a part of our culture for six decades and has produced a relatively small number of masters of the art form. Pickers and singers such as Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, the Stanley Brothers, instantly come to mind.

Louie Setzer must be included in this elite group.

One has only to listen to a few tunes from Louie and the Boys to realize that this is the real thing: genuine bluegrass from Louie's heart and his soul. He would have it no other way. Like most of us, Louie has had his good times, but life can take some sharp turns.

Louie Setzer has allowed his diverse experiences to sharpen his perception and understanding of our human existence.

Louie SetzerWhat it means for you and me is that we get to hear bluegrass as it was meant to be. Louie projects the sharp edge of a true and talented bluegrasser who has taken the time to learn his craft well. One can sense the raw presence of the late Vern William's voice, and the soul-that-cries-out that was so evident in Charlie Moore's songs.

Louie was the primary founder of the Appalachian Fiddle and Bluegrass Association (AFBA) in1973, the organization that owns and controls Mountain View Park in Wind Gap Pa. Enjoy genuine bluegrass; keep a copy in your vehicle and another at home, and give a copy to a friend. The next time Louie is scheduled to perform, be sure to be in the audience. His music interpretation is the same on stage and on record. And be sure to say howdy to Louie and the Boys; nowhere will you find a better expression of the spirit of bluegrass.